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Does your heart sink when your phone rings? Are you afraid to face your family and friends? Do you feel like you failed? Are you worried about losing your car or even your home? Is your paycheck at risk of being garnished for taxes or debts? Are you spending savings or retirement funds for debt payment? There is a solution: David Gaffney. He is here to help you find the best options for keeping your home and reducing your debts, whether that be through mortgage modification or bankruptcy.

COVID Mortgage Relief

Due to COVID-19, new laws have been enacted to ensure that people who haven’t paid their mortgage in the last 18 months will not lose their homes. These laws enable mortgage lenders to reduce payments by 20-25% AND pay the 18 months of mortgage owed at the end of the loan period.

Why South Carolinians Choose Gaffney Law Firm, P.A.

3 Reasons to Go with David Gaffney

1. Personal Service – You talk directly to David.

David Gaffney is a South Carolinian focused on personally helping fellow South Carolinians all across South Carolina. He is not a large, firm only interested in getting files in and out of his hands as quickly as possible.

2. Honest – Bankruptcy does not always help.

You have waited long enough, there isn’t time to mess around. Being honest and telling it like it is saves everyone time and, in this case, time really is money. David will tell you when he thinks a bankruptcy can help and when bankruptcy may not help.

3. Competent – Helping you keep what’s important is all I do.

David understands Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases. That is all he does. It’s a complicated process and he keeps his clients informed and in the loop to ensure you understand what is going on and all deadlines are met

Bankruptcy Options

If you are not approved for a mortgage modification, there are still ways to keep your home and reduce your debt. Filing for bankruptcy can be extremely intimidating, but it is the only legal way to stop all collection activity and give yourself a fresh start.

Chapter 13: May Reorganize Debts

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows for individuals with regular income to repay all or part of their debt over a 3-to-5-year period through monthly payments to a Chapter 13 Trustee. This option can stop foreclosures, repossessions, and garnishments and let you to keep your home and car, even if the foreclosure or repossession process already started. Call David to find out if you are eligible for a Chapter 13 repayment plan and what your bankruptcy payment may be!

Chapter 7: May Cancel Some Debt

Rather than set up a payment plan to slowly repay debts, Chapter 7 bankruptcy cancels qualifying debts like credit cards, medical bills, older income taxes and personal loans within a few months. Not all debts are eligible to be cancelled like recent income taxes, child support and student loans. Chapter 7 may force the sale of certain property or assets depending on what they are worth. You don’t automatically lose everything. If you have lived in South Carolina for the last two and a half years you get to keep specified property. Call David to find out what you own that is safe and what may not be safe.

Filing bankruptcy is really complicated and your specifics cannot be explained in a few sentences. The best way to learn about your situation is to call David and schedule your free consultation. You can always trust that we will be honest and tell you when a bankruptcy can help and when a bankruptcy cannot help.

The sooner you call, the sooner you can find out whether a bankruptcy can help with your specific situation.

Non-Bankruptcy Option:

Mortgage Modifications

A mortgage modification changes the original terms of your loan. This could include changes to the loan term, interest rate, or loan structure that gives you more time to pay off your loan and/or lower monthly payments. Nearly all borrowers can apply for a mortgage modification through their lender.


What Our Clients Say

Ted S.

I liked the way David handled the case, kept me informed of everything and suggested the way in and the way out and the way he explained my case to me it was very conciser and clear “If cant understand david you cant understand anyone”.

Mack R.

I am Mack R., If had to Rate Attorney I will give him and his law firm 5 stars, because they did a very good job handling my case, I would recommend his firm to everyone!


Mr Gaffney! Thank you so much for helping me to save my house. I’m glad that I found someone like you to put my trust in. Thank you again so much for your help.

Any result Gaffney Law Firm, P.A or David Gaffney may achieve on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients.