Chapter 13

Reorganize your debts. Reshape your future.

The biggest advantage of Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the potential to save your home from foreclosure. When you file a Chapter 13 case, some of your debts are reorganized into one single payment, which may lower your monthly payments. The repayment plan is then paid out in installments over a 3-to-5-year period. You may be able to lower mobile home and car payments, reduce credit card debt, medical bills, back income taxes, and other unsecured debt. Individuals with a regular income who can start paying back their debts are eligible to file a Chapter 13 case.

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What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Also called Wage Earner’s Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 reorganizes some debts into a single payment and sets up a repayment plan for individuals with a regular income.

How does Chapter 13 bankruptcy work?

I will help you file a case that includes a list of your debts and properties, as well as your monthly living expenses and tax information. Then, a repayment plan must be submitted. Your assets will be safeguarded from repossession or foreclosure and collection calls will stop. A trustee will handle repayments to creditors.

What happens to your home in Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

If you are behind on your payments, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may help you save your property by temporarily stopping a sale and giving you up to 60 months to pay back the past due balance or possibly a lower balance on your debt in addition to requiring the lender to let you resume your regular monthly payment. You must file a bankruptcy case BEFORE the Court sells your property for the bankruptcy to possibly help.

Filing bankruptcy is not only a complicated matter but a time-sensitive one. It is best done with the help of a trusted attorney. Call me today for more information and a FREE consultation. We’ll talk through your specific situation and I will give you honest answers and outline your best options.